God Uses His People

Several years ago, the Orange Movement ministry at OKWU became connected through our alumni and students in S.E. Asia for a special project of rescue. Our story and support of rescued girls and boys in that part of the world has only grown. The initial story, of God using our abundance to help support our brothers and sisters across the globe, starts with the story of Rahab House…

Rahab House is an established safe home in S.E. Asia for trafficked girls who have been rescued, escaped their captors or have willingly left and found their way to safety. The home was started by a young church plant Pastor and his wife, in partnership with a mentoring Pastor. They are currently in a country where being Christian is illegal.

The Rahab Story

On October 21, 2014 while grabbing a bite at a local restaurant, the two pastors found four 14-year olds selling sex at the restaurant bar. One of the pastors asked them for their stories and ended up leaving the restaurant and taking the four girls home with them —that night, Rahab House was born. The girls moved in with young pastor and his family. On November 16, 2014 three more girls were rescued by the pastors. On December 4, five more girls escaped from a brothel, and found their way to Rahab House. By January 1, 2015 Rahab house was housing more then 50 young girls, who had left the local brothels in search of a safe place to live.


  • Rahab House is currently housing just over 30 girls
  • All the girls are between 10 and 17 years old
  • The girls need continued educational support to stay free
  • They have no marketable skills
  • Some are orphans, the rest have been disowned by their families
  • The pastor’s wife is using the Bible to teach the girls to read
  • Some of the girls have already had multiple abortions and many have STD’s
  • Some are HIV positive
  • Both Pastors have bounties on their heads for rescuing the girls from their traffickers

A New Story Has Begun

While the Orange Movement continues to be involved in assisting Rahab House through sponsorships, special project funds, and educational scholarships, God has called us to help another group of vulnerable children. Through our S.E. Asia connections we discovered another young pastor and his wife who had been called to rescue and care for young children in need. T

here are approximately 40 boys and girls under the age of 17 who, much like the Rahab girls, have been abandoned, disowned and forgotten on the streets and villages in this area of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Unlike Rahab House, these children do not currently fall within a sponsorship program. Thus, we have been coming alongside this pastor and his wife as they work hard to provide food, shelter and clothing. We have currently been providing funds for adding to their food supply along with special projects (i.e. a large refrigerator and additional covered space for laundry).

How You Can Help

Since March 2014 The Orange Movement at Oklahoma Wesleyan University has provided rent and funds for food and supplies —however our funds are limited. We need your help in both of these areas described above.

Donate to Orange Movement Funds:

GENERAL FUND: Click here to donate and select to designate your gift by writing in Orange Movement General Fund.Your gift will be used for various projects, food supplies and more for rescued boys and girls

OM SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Click here to donate to provide and select to designate your gift by writing in OM Scholarship Fund. Your gift will be used specifically to provide fees for educational purposes only. (grade school, college, training programs, etc.)


We have partnered with One Life Child Sponsorship. For just $38 per month you can sponsor a girl and this will help Rahab House become more consistently sustainable for their everyday needs. 100% of your donation will go directly to your sponsored child. Then we can come in behind you and assist with training, education, and special projects along the way. Check with OneLife for their current needs for sponsorships.