International Justice Mission

Every day, countless people are sold into slavery, as slave owners make a profit off their misery.


International Justice Mission is a global organization with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere and the Orange Movement at Oklahoma Wesleyan University has partnered with IJM to become a Campus Chapter to aid in this important effort.

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Venture Expeditions

Venture is a great friend and partner of the Orange Movement. They are a non-profit organization creating adventure-driven campaigns for communities to benefit the world and discover their souls. Since beginning in 2002, Venture has grown into a worldwide community of people focused on bringing God’s justice and hope to people throughout the world.

Students and staff have participated with Venture in local runs, summer Venture tours, and a Hope for Dinner event each spring semester, in order to raise awareness and funds through physical sacrifice to bring hope to those enslaved across the globe.

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One Life

One Life is a ministry of Westside Family Church, and the many other One Life friends and donors who are dedicated to caring for orphans and the most vulnerable children in our global community.

The effectiveness of One Life is based on a network of relationships and organizations in the US and overseas. Their partners have proven track records as recognized community leaders and respected child advocates. By partnering with trusted local child advocates on the ground, One Life can impact the personal well-being of our children in every facet of their lives through loving relationships.

You can become part of helping a child in great need. One child at a time, one life at a time, we can partner to make a real difference.

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