Invest in Freedom

We have several ways you can support our work with rescued children in S.E.Asia where trafficking is one of the worst areas in the world. The children we help range from the age of 9 and up.

GO HERE to read and invest in our rescued boys and girls in S.E. Asia


Buy Fair Trade Products

Find out how you or your church can support fair trade and help reduce the demand for products made by slaves. Visit Trade As One for more details.


Another way you can join The Orange Movement effort is through sponsorship. Because poverty is a major contributor that can lead to human trafficking, sponsoring a child can rescue or prevent trafficking. Consider our partner One Life.


Never underestimate the power of prayer! Subscribe to International Justice Mission’s newsletter for prayer updates. If you would like to obtain a prayer guide with specific scriptures, download this Prayer Guide from the A21 Campaign.  


Volunteer for the Orange Movement

The Orange Movement on the campus of Oklahoma Wesleyan University needs talented individuals to lead, help drive awareness, and create fundraising activities.  If you are a student at OKWU, get involved in research, photography, graphic arts, event planning, and more!  For more information contact orangemovement@okwu.edu.

If you aren’t an OKWU campus student or even a student at all, you can volunteer in lots of other ways! Investigate the trafficking organizations in your own community, work with single parent families who’s children are vulnerable, volunteer in shelters and homeless organizations, and all those places that the traffickers look for victims. They need you to volunteer today!

Help Victims Escape

DOMESTIC: Leave local rescue hotline numbers in public places around your city. For ideas and free downloads, visit The Polaris Project.

INTERNATIONAL: Rescue operations can free dozens or hundreds in a single day, and you can provide everything our team needs to find and rescue families from slavery. Help IJM investigate cases with local law enforcement and bring children and families to safety and freedom. Fund a Rescue

Consider a Career

Consider serving in an internship, fellowship, or career as an abolitionist.  There are many great organizations that are in need of skilled and trained professionals and learning students to help advance the cause of justice.  Begin your search at International Justice Mission.



Educate Yourself

Read: Work through this list of recommended reading to learn more about the modern slave trade

View: Watch films and videos that provide an overview of the issues and more

Let Others Know

Memorize Statistics: Memorize some of the statistics about human trafficking and share with your friends, coworkers, and at school and church.

Use Social Media: Follow The Orange Movement on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@orangemovement) and share posts via your own social media accounts or blog. Follow our partners and others in this fight too and share, pray and share and pray some more!

Use Your Talent: Create a work of art with human trafficking themes, organize an awareness or fundraising event in your community and/or church, write and perform a song, create a short film, write a story, submit to your local paper or find something else you do best to make a difference!