It all began with a hope for something more.

Suman Tutti was 11 years old and living in intense poverty with a large family. One afternoon on her way home from school, she was approached by a woman who promised work and schooling.Suman followed, only to find herself in the realm of human trafficking where domestic work and sexual assault became her life. She was sold for the equivalent of $24 to a man who put her to work and abused her. It wasn’t until Ms. Tutti met another trafficked girl from her region that they both escaped one day when sent to the market. When Suman Tutti returned home, her family was overjoyed and she vowed to never leave home again, but she wonders how she and her family will continue on with such low income.

Various factors surround Suman’s story and others like it. Poverty and insurgent violence contribute to many cases, and when victims cross borders, police often have a hard time distinguishing between them and others legally crossing for work and other purposes.