The the non-profit investigative journalism group,, provides two separate insights on human trafficking—one with a personal experience and the other an objective view of the girls and their customers.

The first insight, given from Victoria’s perspective, includes an unfortunate and typical story of romance gone wrong. Her serious boyfriend, Tom, convinced Victoria to move with him to Europe, where his sister would provide her with work and he could find a steady job. After a long and tiring wait, their arrival to Europe did not provide her with an ideal job, it turned her into a prostitute.

The second insight provided a look at the types of “slaves” on the streets. Focusing on African slaves in Europe, their bodies were worn from beatings, lack of nutrition, severe weather and more. Turned into commodities to be bought at cheap prices, the Eastern European girls were young and had a constant flow of customers while the Black women were worth less, and could rarely afford to turn down even dirty or drunk men. One Romanian woman was pregnant, and that fact enhanced her income by 300%. Those who assume pregnancy would push customers away are wrong; on the contrary, “They want to try something different. It’s exciting.” Therefore, plenty of women would purposely get pregnant, enhance their prices, and then put their babies in orphanages.