Sula Skiles, twenty and ambitious, grabbed at the opportunity to make her dreams come true when the chance arrived. Young, pretty, and excited, she overlooked the one-way ticket detail to a gig overseas. However, when she arrived at a luxurious hotel, reality finally revealed itself.

The billionaire who offered her the job immediately made it clear that Skiles had been bought as a gift. For three weeks, Skiles endured whatever the man forced, and only eventually found an escape route through the man’s girlfriend, whom Skiles convinced she genuinely cared for and therefore gained her trust to return if she could leave. Once gone, she didn’t look back.

Skiles’ will never forget her awful experiences, but instead of succumbing to the horror, she uses her story to prevent other girls from being taken advantage of in the same way. Today, she is married with children and she and her husband are in ministry. Ultimately, she uses the message of Christ and the freedom He provides to go on herself as she encourages others.