Rescue Freedom provides three hope-restoring accounts of young girls with a past of enslavement:

Ella’s story explains her responsibilities as the oldest child of 11 to work in their Moldovan village. One day, a man with knowledge of her situation entrapped and sold her and a friend to Moscow, happy to learn that her virginity would bring more money. With cold winter nights, drugs, beatings, and the wears of sex slavery, Ella felt broken when she finally escaped. Fortunately, Rescue Freedom’s partner aftercare home provided hope for Ella, who now teaches fellow students about trafficking while she attends university.

A second girl, Meena, was born in a brothel to a mother trafficked from Orissa, India. She grew up in the red light district, where visiting an afterschool program with a good meal was the highlight of the day. When Meena was 13, her mother contracted HIV, and soon entertained the idea of selling Meena in order to survive. Thankfully, a mentor Meena felt close enough to to confide in helped Meena and her mother in ways nearly unimaginable. Today, Meena is graduating and on her way to become a teacher.

The last story belongs to Pam. Raised by her grandmother, a retired red light prostitute herself, Pam feared the same line would be her fate. One day, while visiting a vocational center, Pam’s hopes were fulfilled and she landed a job of making handbags and jewelry, enabling her to go to school and ultimately become and entrepreneur while maintaining a family.