Once an average 15-year-old Detroit suburbanite, Theresa Flores became “the face of human trafficking” when her high school crush drugged, raped, and forced her into complying as a prostitute. Ending up in dirty motels throughout the city, several innocent nights were stolen from Theresa upon request for her services.

The State Senator Judy Emmons placed Flores’ face on the issue as well but for Michigan in its entirety. Acknowledging the need for stronger law against both perpetrators and clients, Emmons declared the need for service even beyond the help of the victims.

Flores, now an adult and author of “The Slave Across The Street,” claims it an honor to be healed and out of it so she can help others. She and her group supply bar soap to hotels and motels with the traffic hotline number imprinted, and she believes that her book does not merely hold her voice, but the collective voice of all who hold the hope of ending human trafficking.