South Florida currently ranks as the third busiest capital for human trafficking in the U.S., and Miami itself provides a popular hub for the commercial sex due to sports events and other attractions. April, Samantha, and Kat all provide their testimonies, each with a life as a sex slave within these areas.

April ran away from her sexually abusive grandfather when only 14. Drawn to popular girls as a result, she found that five minutes of enduring sexual acts trumped a day long of work when it came to money- at first. Eventually locked in a room for over a week, the only visitors being men with money, the cycle of jail and prostitution soon erupted after her first arrest for prostitution.

Samantha left home with her sister at the age of 15. She witnessed her sister enter the escort business and was soon recruited by a girl to become a prostitute herself. Now, Samantha is expecting, the child’s father her pimp.

Kat Rosenblatt, now an anti-human trafficking activist, provides her story in hopes that it will aid others who hope to escape the trap of sex slavery. Growing up with a prostitute for a mother, Kat often spent nights alone. On one such night, Kat met a beautiful girl who eventually recruited her into the trade.

Fortunately, actions are being taken to help the victims of sex trafficking, such as the Safe Harbor Act-which ensures safety of child victims- and selective police strategies. While these tactics are useful and helpful, other routes of abolition are still necessary.