Some endure rough childhoods while others battle life after high school. But for Barbara Maphet life began as a struggle from the start. Given up by a mentally challenged woman and an alcoholic man, adopted yet plagued by abandonment and resorting to pills, landing in a mental institution, raging inside a padded cell, mourning a death, and getting kicked out of her house at 15 eventually forced Barbara to embrace survival skills. Those skills evolved into prostitution.

Along with Barbara, millions of other children have been victimized in sex trafficking, the usual sexual proposition offered to runaways within 24 hours of their departure as an agreement for food and shelter. Thirteen is the average age of a runaway meeting her first pimp with most victims resorting to self-medication through drugs and alcohol.

When Barbara faced incarceration for drugs, she began reading the Bible as a final resort to escape her condition and life. She learned that Jesus provides us with joy and peace now in order for us to experience His goodness even before Heaven from two women who visited her cell once a week. This conversation led to her saving faith.

Her treatment programs found a dead end, but the fruit of the Spirit provided her with the ability to overcome and experience joy. Now free from her past, she knows she is loved and is finally able to love back.