Meshael Alayban, a Saudi Arabian princess by marriage, currently faces imprisonment due to human trafficking charges. Alayban allegedly held a Kenyan woman hostage by confiscating her passport and forcing her to work too hard for too little. The original meeting between the two women occurred in Saudi Arabia where the unnamed woman sought work in order to pay medical bills for her ill daughter. Contractually agreeing on a typical domestic work week with decent pay at the end of the month, the Kenyan woman arrived at the royal home with high hopes only to have them obliterated by slavery.

Eventually shipped to American shores along with four other enslaved women, the Kenyan woman managed to escape on a Tuesday, board a bus, and contact the police through a fellow passenger. In a raid to rescue the women and capture the traffickers, the hostages were found to be unharmed and the Saudi Arabian princess now faces the possibility of twelve years in prison.