Minnesota has been labeled as 13th largest child-trafficking center in the United States. Several abolitionist organizations are actively fighting cases of sex-slavery, however various factors are involved in enabling Minnesota to be so popular, including location by the border and the popularization of mail order brides.

Individuals are also helping, as in the story of Joy, a member of the Breaking Free outreach team. Joy uses her past as a streetwalker to assure other prostitutes that she is there for them and will do what she can for them, whether it be buying hygiene products or help one leave the business.

A huge struggle for the case of trafficking involves the men who are paying, so centers to help the “Johns” with addictions of sex and porn are up and running, yet there is still much to be done. The newest prostitution ring consists of online sales of girls looking for “sugar daddies.” Over 500 ads were found within the surrounding area for girls being bought and sold, ordered and delivered. Children are even being used to solicit fellow children. Several other testimonies are revealed and it is hard to fathom how deep the roots of trafficking go. There is hope, in that some organizations are active and helping, but so much more needs to be done.