It started with poverty.

Nadia, mother to a six-year-old, faced financial struggles and the need for educating her son in Chisinau. With no help and no work, she accepted a job in Italy, leaving her son and hoping to return in a year. However, her trip ended up a sham involving several other young girls, detainment for weeks at a time, and the need to sneak across borders.

Nadia and the girls were forced into several different houses. At each place, dreadful news awaited them. They were sold, raped, or starved, and this lasted for days. They went from Serbia to Albania, witnessed horrible things, and could not even escape when the police caught them cross borders. They only had more men to answer to with their bodies.

Finally, at a loss for answers and not knowing if she would ever again see her son, Nadia took a daring leap of faith and walked away when she got a chance. She ended up alone in Italy, with no knowledge of the language foreign to her. After a terrifying ordeal to reach the shore, she found herself standing outside a bakery when someone kind offered her a piece of grace.