As a 19-year-old native of Nepal—a place where girls do not talk to boys, much less men—Anita found herself in hell. Expecting to do maid service in Mumbai, she instead was raped and forced into the life of sex trafficking.

Anita fought and thus faced constant abuse. Meeting with at least forty men a day and being abused by almost all of them, she realized she had to do something else.

Status mattered, so she became a Madame.

In her new role, she bore three children and witnessed multiple hangings. Anita soon knew she had to get her children out so she went to a church in the red light district for refuge. There, everything changed. She found a caring church family who led her to Jesus. She began closing the brothel once a week to take her girls to church. Soon, each of them were set free and together decided to leave the business.

She now continues helping girls in red light districts and brothels, providing for them and sharing the joy she has come to know.