The women’s stories found on Freeset Global’s website are inspirational and full of faith. The organization itself, dedicated to providing work for women in order that they may leave their lives of prostitution, has delivered countless women from inevitable prostitution.

A few stories found on the site include Shruti’s, Ashoka’s, and Debi’s.

Shruti, unsure of even her age, lived life hungry, waiting for customers. With payments upon payments for family funerals and more, she knew little hope until God answered her prayers and provided her with a job at Freeset.

As a past-prostitute herself, Ashoka takes advantage of visiting other girls in brothels in hopes of opening their eyes to better options. With no more shame and her head held high, she thanks Jesus for taking her “far from her old life.”

For Debi, the work of a prostitute ran in her family. With constant customers for her mother in her room, Debi never had the chance to study for school. The problem only got worse when the customers began arriving for her personally. Debi could only dream of getting a job and getting married in order to flee the life of a prostitute. Fortunately, Kerry from Freeset found Debi outside the factory one day asking for a job. The answer was simple: “OK, come.” She used her own money to get married and provide for her children.