In looking at the estimated numbers and reasons for human trafficking today, a largely associated factor is immigration and the risks some take when it is done illegally. Charlotte Awino, a former trafficking victim of the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army herself, is a “voice for the voiceless”. She explains how and why trafficking happens all over the world in all forms, whether sexual or regarding labor.

One individual, Kikka Cerpa, was trafficked into sex slavery and her abuser threatened to take away her daughters if she tried escaping. Other accounts, including Kumar Rmajali, a male, and Jana, a Bosnian female, involved promising jobs ending in disaster for the victims.

With slavery taking place in countries such as Uganda, Sudan, Venezuela, Iraq, and even the United States, the United Nations declared August 23rd an international day of remembrance for these slaves and the hopes of continuing the modern-day abolition.