With the atrocities of human trafficking no secret in Jacksonville, Florida, the project “Artworks for Freedom” put an even greater spotlight on the issue. According to their website, “ArtWorks for Freedom is a…nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the power of art in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.”

Crystal Freed, an assistant in organizing the project, is optimistic that the images displayed throughout the city will spark awareness and spur people to acknowledge the issue in hopes of bringing future help.

Telisia Espinosa, a survivor of five years in captivity, provides insight to her pimp’s philosophy. “He use to always say ‘rain, sleet or snow a hoe has got to go get a pimp’s dough.’” Her life consisted of 10-12 hour shifts and 20-40 men a night, leaving her lucky to have escaped drugs and abuse.

Freed advises the best way to join in the fight is to educate oneself first.