Introducing: Margeaux Gray and her life as a sex slave since adolescence. From age 5 to 18, her trafficker “sold her innocence for money,” she contracted an STD before becoming a teenager, and – amongst other things – she always felt she played a role in the acts being done to her and therefore constantly lived in guilt and shame.

Along with her story, which took place in Kentucky, the surrounding facts, statistics, and arguments for how to stop the business of trafficking unravel. This includes Kentucky statistics specifically, safe harbor laws, the necessity to prosecute those who buy and sell trafficked victims, and the need to address the issue of drug trafficking which plays a large role in selling children.

Gray holds pride for the progress her state has made over the years, however she acknowledges there is still much to be done. Now 35, she lives in freedom and has overcome her guilt in her victimization as well as speaks as an advocate on behalf of other victims.