Audiences generally sympathize with the victim of a story. In this case, however, the focus surrounds the master pimp at work. “Alex Campbell was an expert in his field.” Known for the worst case of human trafficking identified in Chicago, his records put him at the top of the charts nationally. Labeled as a predator, his tactics involved targeting women with questionable legal status, implementing violence and intimidation, and ultimately forcing them into modern-day slavery.

Sentenced to life in prison last November, four women testified against Campbell which catalyzed the case. One woman’s interview revealed Campbell to be strategic in his grooming for her role in prostitution. Starting as a helpful friend and evolving into a boyfriend, Campbell finalized his ownership over her-Sarah- with isolation, beatings, and branding- tattoos letting the world know his women belong to him.

Campbell’s strategies for maintaining his victims included intimidation, violence, threats, fines, force, and blackmail. Sarah’s testimony continues with struggle and shame, yet she fortunately escaped and has gained a healthier life since her time with Campbell. However, for those who think it can’t happen to them, she says to think again: “It can easily happen to anyone.”

(Following this post is a list of indicators of Human Trafficking)