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The Broker

Four girls were promised job opportunities in Thailand by a “broker” who paid for their needs in order to travel from Laos. As a result, the girls were forced into sex work in order to pay off their debt.

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From One to Another

Michelle grew up enduring pain and abuse of one sort only to fall into the hands of a trafficker with a worse agenda. However, then she found the Covenant House.

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Deng’s Identity

Abducted as a child and gifted to a family as a worthless dog, Simon Deng endured slavery for three years yet kept quiet about it for twenty more. However, the life he lives now is award-worthy.

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Shandra’s Story

Escaping forced prostitution is not where a story should end. For Shandra’s case, it was just the beginning of a national fight against human trafficking.

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Prostitution Ring Bust

Lured into the United States from Mexico, women endured sexual slavery, drugs, and abuse until the authorities found them, arrested the men, and rescued the women.

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A Mission in Mumbai

IJM travels to a brothel in Mumbai on a rescue mission. The team members are prepared to rescue the victims of sex slavery, but where the victims are found is peculiar in itself.

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Restore International

Injustice and exploitation happens all over the world. Fortunately, Restore International is one of many organizations willing to fight for the freedom of those who have been victimized and they’re tackling the world one country at a time.

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He Called Her His Angel

Shanna Parker fled to the streets at the age of 13, hoping to leave behind the men who molested her yet only finding herself trapped by a greater injustice by a man who called her his “Angel.”

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No Longer Silent

“You don’t have to come from complete brokenness to get into the life,” she said, “but I was lacking that love, that nurturing that’s so important.” — Jasmine Marino-Fiandaca, sex traffic victim

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An Adolescent Slave

Growing up as a sex slave from the age of 5, Margeaux Gray now provides stats and education on human trafficking since her freedom at age 18.

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The Worst Case Uncovered

Police labeled it the “worst case of modern-day slavery” uncovered in Britain. Three women, three ages, and three different nationalities, all held in captivity for over 30 years.

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Life’s Labor

Raised by a pair of alcoholics and working through childhood as a laborer, Susan faced terrifying events one night when she was 16. Having been bought by men and sold by her aunt, Susan’s aunt got her drunk in order … Continued

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The Rescue Project – Maria

Maria had to fend for herself starting as young as ten-years-old. Struggling through life, bouncing around from one system to the next, she finally found peace and restoration through The Rescue Project.

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“Zarifa’s Story”

Dealt a life of unwanted marriage and violence, Zarifa fled from one home to another escaping forms of slavery. Then she heard someone shared her experience and found a promising future.

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Beating the Odds

From the age of two, Kara faced vulnerability and poverty. Then came an offer to marry a foreign man and get rich which turned out to be a way to exploit Kara and other young women. Thankful for a quick rescue and help from IJM and the Red Window Project, Kara is now defying the odds.

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Two Peeks into Trafficking

Two insights are provided into the world of human trafficking as well as human trafficking around the world. Whether willingly crossing boarders or being sent to a new country, the women all endure many of the same hardships.

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Brittney & Darlene

Brittney and Darlene, natives to Oakland, California, both found themselves pimped and prostituted as children. On the popular track of International Boulevard, their lives held drugs, sex, and beatings until one day they were rescued.

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Saving a Life Saver

Traveling to the US to become a nurse, John instead became a victim of human trafficking. With long hours of labor, John found freedom through the FBI and CAST.

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Labor & Emancipation

A man managed to swindle an entire Bangalore village into trafficked labor, with long hour days and little to nothing in payment. When all seemed lost, an IJM social worker caught sight of the issue.

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From Madame to Ministry

At 19, Anita walked into a new culture and a new life. She faced daily rape and constant abuse. She decided to excel as a Madame to get away from it, and her journey continued until she met Christ, when He changed everything.

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Octavis Shares Her Story in Orlando

Under the Sun, Darkness

Coming together to raise awareness in Florida, Octavis shares her past of sexual exploitation and a chairman explains why Florida is a hub for the illegal business.

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From Highs to Lows

“I came from a very comfortable, middle class background but, as an adolescent, I was vulnerable. If you’re at a time in your life when you’re vulnerable, you’re susceptible to all kinds of things.”

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Kruzan’s Freedom

A look into the sentencing and freedom of Sara Kruzan, the victim of human trafficking who killed her abuser, and the charges surrounding her actions.

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Hopeless Journey, Happy Ending

Nadia left her son in order to help him. Little did she know her journey to find work in Italy would be prolonged by men filled with lust and lies. Thanks to a kind stranger, though, her hopeless journey changed course.

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Young Tutti Trafficked

Eleven-year-old Suman Tutti struggled through poverty every day with her family. Then, a woman greeted her with the promise of more, and she followed immediately, only to be lured into a trap of domestic trafficking.

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Sabine, Domestic Servant

Sabine came as an orphan from a broken nation, looking for hope. Instead, she found herself enslaved in domestic servitude for over six months. Her story didn’t end, however, and now she is enthusiastically learning new skills and overcoming old fears with Polaris Project.

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